We are all still here son thankfully but you are not so our circle is broken and can never be fixed. However we go on because we must as it is what you would want. I don't know how I have coped so far Craig never thought I would you were my strength and anchor who made all my worries and fears disappear I still have them son but I think what you would have said to me and hear your voice and I am calmed. You would be so proud of your son as he is always here for me and I am so very proud of him (by the way) he is better than you at DIY ha ha.I am taking good care of our wee girl but she still misses you and looks at your picture often she's ok son. Think if you every minute of every day and love you dearly. John and Pam always here for me son. Love you and miss you

Lit by Ann on 08/03/2018

This candle went out on 9th April 2018.